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Versatile Information Systems and Education professional (and open to a career change) with experience in systems and programming analysis and design.   Ability to quickly learn new systems, multi-task, accurately complete projects, and perform multiple functions.  Tenacious and successful at obtaining and coordinating systems requirements from various users.

Hardware: HP3000/969, HP3000/957, HP3000/70, IBM PC, HP9000, Mac
Programming Languages: Java, HTML, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, Lazarus, D, Cognos PowerHouse 4GL, SUPRTOOL
Databases/Access: TurboImage, KSAM (Keyed Sequential Access Method), PostgreSQL, Btrieve, MS Access,
Communications/Terminal Emulators/OS Virtualization: FTP, pcAnywhere, WRQ Reflection, Tera Term Secure Shell, Telemon (asynchronous communications software), VMware Player
Tools/Applications Software: USPS Address Matching System API,
EDImap/EDItran, XML Junction, Win32 API, RSA Direct/3000,
Client for Microsoft Networks, Visual Age for Java, DigitalWeb InstallWizard,
Evrsoft 1st Page, Web-O-Rama (text-based HTML editors), Bulk Mailer (Mac), SmartDraw Professional,
MS Project, PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel, Access,
OpenOffice, Adobe Illustrator (Mac), Marketing Plan Pro
On-Line Training and Assessment Courseware: SNAP (EMC/Paradigm),   myitlab (GO! Technology)
(these sites require Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher; incompatible with Mozilla FireFox),
COGNOS: PDL, Quick, Quiz, QTP, QDD
ASK: HP MANMAN System Manager
Tie Commerce (formally St. Paul Software): Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


Emergency Substitute Teacher
Substitute Teacher for (and directly hired by) several public school (K-12) districts (Jim Thorpe, PA. (2006 - 2007), Lehighton, PA. (2006 - 2007), Panther Valley, PA. (2006 - 2007), and Weatherly, PA. (2006 - 2012)) serviced by the CLIU.

LEHIGH CARBON COMMUNITY COLLEGE,   Schnecksville, PA   (2006 - 2011)
Adjunct Faculty Lecturer

Instruct computer lecture and laboratory classes (Introduction to Computers, MS Office)

  • Prepare syllabus, lesson plans
  • Enhance course with Angel and myitlab
  • Present material using lectures
  • Provide one-on-one assistance to students
  • Assess student performance.
  • Attended:
    • Digital Divide Summer Institute, June 2007.
    • High Impact Education Practices, May 2010.

Independent Consultant,   Belvidere, NJ & Andreas, PA   (2004 - )

- formally NORTON PERFORMANCE PLASTICS -    (1989 - 2001)

Consultant   (2001)

Team member converting manufacturing plants from MANMAN and EDItran (HP3000 MPEiX) to QAD and Trinary (HP9000 Unix).
  • Cataloged HP3000 Electronic Data Interface (EDI) activity
  • Coordinated with Value Added Networks (VANs) for smooth transition during conversion
  • Set up File Transfer Protocol (FTP) process for transferring data from HP3000 to HP9000 during conversion parallel run.

Senior Systems Analyst   (1995 - 2000)
Responsibilities included integrating EDI processing with MANMAN ERP system by acting as a liaison between EDI coordinators, purchasing, material control personnel, and Norton Customer Service.   Experienced with Automotive (EDIFACT and X12), Health Supply (X12), and Rail (X12) industries.
  • Analyzed trading partners' EDI requirements
  • Setup interconnects with Value Added Networks
  • Designed, Developed, Maintained, and Troubleshoot:
    • EDI maps to communicate with trading partners
    • EDI/MANMAN Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
    • Jobstreams/Processes to load/manipulate Inbound EDI transactions into MANMAN ERP system
      • 830/DELFOR Planning Schedule into MANMAN MRP Forecasting
      • 850 Purchase Orders into OMAR Order Processing
    • Jobstreams/Processes to interface Inbound EDI transactions with MANMAN ERP system and generate printed reports
      • 824/997/APERAK/CONTRL Application Advice/Functional Acknowledgment with OMAR Order Processing, Accounts Receivable, and Shipping History
      • 842 Non-Conformance Report with OMAR Order Processing
      • 860 Purchase Order Changes with OMAR Order Processing
      • 861/RECADV Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate with OMAR Order Processing and Shipping History
      • 862/DELJIT Shipping Schedule with OMAR Order Processing
    • Jobstreams/Processes to generate Outbound EDI transactions from MANMAN ERP system
      • 810 Invoices from OMAR Accounts Receivable
      • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgments from OMAR Order Processing
      • 856/DESADV Advanced Ship Notices from OMAR Shipping History
  • Developed and Maintained EDI Interface User Documentation
  • Brought new Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics sites up on EDI
  • Trained and Supported Users
  • Key team member of successful Y2K compliance
  • Upgraded, Maintained, and Enhanced MANMAN software
  • Upgraded, Maintained, and Enhanced EDItran software
  • Received Certificate of Recognition for 10 years of service.

Programmer/Analyst   (1989 - 1995)
Responsibilities included developing, maintaining, and documenting COBOL/FORTRAN/Quick/Quiz/QTP/SUPRTOOL programs to report/update MANMAN ERP system.   Additional responsibilities: software evaluation; user support; and daily operations.   Accomplishments include:
  • Procedures for data extraction/loading from/to HP3000 to/from PC applications
  • Kronos PC Time Clock to MANMAN Job Ticket Transaction Interface
  • Successfully coordinated ASK MANMAN conversions
    (Reduced production cutover time from 4 days to 6 hours)
  • Customized ASK VPLUS I/O screens
  • Implemented MANMAN MRP Forecasting/Demand Solutions PC Interface
  • Implemented MANMAN/EDItran Interface
    (achieved General Motors EDI approved supplier status for Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics)
  • Streamlined month-end reporting process
  • Backup computer operator.

OMEGA SYSTEMS,   Parsippany, NJ   (1984 - 1988)

Developed, maintained and provided client support for customized applications, using COBOL/VPLUS/Image.   Major projects included:

  • Chemical Quality Control Tracking System
  • Financial Forecasting Model
  • DIRECT/3000 (an O/P, P/O, I/C, A/R, and A/P integrated package) major modifications.  Wrote and implemented a marketing module into Direct/3000 package.


"Offshoring: Individual Short-Term Gain versus Collective Long-Term Loss?" IEEE IT Professional,
July-August 2005, pp. 25 - 30.


M.S., Information Systems, Major in E-Commerce Technology, 2001 - 2004; GPA : 3.75
Stevens Institute of Technology (Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management), Hoboken, NJ

B.S., Aircraft Engineering Technology, 1976 - 1982
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL


IEEE Computer Society


FAA Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic Certificate


Prefer Not To Relocate  

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