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February 21-27

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Rodney Roberts - Information Systems and Education Professional

Information Systems professional with 20 years of experience in systems and software analysis and development; 5 years experience in Education.   Expertise in Electronic Data Interchange, Manufacturing, and Order Processing systems.   Recent accomplishments include :

Currently seeking to re-enter industry (and open to a career change).

Résumé : Technical, professional, and educational accomplishments.

Academic / Professional Journals : For budding technical writers - a list of IT, Management, and other journals to submit your articles to.   If you have a journal to add to this list, please email it to me.

Privacy : Some thoughts on privacy during the computer age.  Not only do you have to be careful about what you say in an e-mail or blog (it may cause problems with your current or potential future employer), but now you need to consider the implications from the on-line record of your purchases and phone calls.

Mixed Language Programming (C++, COBOL, D, FORTRAN, Lazarus, Pascal); COBOL, D, FORTRAN, & Pascal Tutorials; COBOL, D, FORTRAN, Lazarus, & Pascal Downloads : Tutorials on calling non-COBOL/non-D (C++, FORTRAN, and Pascal) subprograms from either a COBOL, D, Lazarus, or Pascal main program.  Also includes USPS AMS API ZIP4_PARM as a COBOL record layout download, source file downloads, and a COBOL source code line number renumbering utility download.
These tutorials and downloads are designed for the Win32 platform (Win98, WinXP, Win7).

Computer Gaming, Classic Star Trek, and ASCII graphics : Early Classic Star Trek game written in Dartmouth Basic.  An example of pre-GUI and pre-PC Computer Gaming.

WinXP Command Prompt Path
How to change the long file name of the WinXP Command Prompt path to its short file name equivalent.  Useful for those programs that must be executed in a Command Prompt without any blanks in a path name.


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